Nolte: Elite Media Grovel to Be Allowed Back into China

The New York Times Beijing based correspondent Steven Lee Myers chats with other foreign journalists after attending a daily briefing by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office in Beijing, Wednesday, March 18, 2020. At least 13 American journalists stand to be expelled from …
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Publishers of the far-left Washington Post, the farther left New York Times, and the anti-Trump Wall Street Journal groveled in an open letter to be allowed back into China.

Oh, and they also blamed — you guessed it — Trump for the Chinese communist government’s decision to boot much of the American media last week. Not all of the American media. But the Washington Cuck, the New York Cuck, and the Wall Street Cuck were indeed shown the door.

Okay, so you’ve just been expelled from one of the most murderous and repressive regimes in human history; by a monstrous communist government that still utilizes slave labor, gulags, and mass murder; by barbarians who remained silent as the coronavirus spread and spread and spread into a world pandemic, and what do these mewling, little gerbils do…?

Like something out of a parody mocking the cuckery of America’s establishment media, ridiculing their long-held history of prostration before left-wing totalitarians, satirizing their whimpering hatred of their own country … these mewling, little gerbils responded to their expulsion with — wait for it — a strongly worded letter… [emphasis added]

An Open Letter to the Chinese Government

The coronavirus pandemic sweeping across borders, sickening and killing people in nearly every country, and sending the world economy into a downward spiral, is a global challenge unlike any other in our lifetimes. Perhaps more than any major news event in modern history, this moment underscores the urgent importance of both probing, accurate, on-the-ground reporting from the centers of the pandemic and of sharing the information, insights and lessons that reporting reveals as widely as possible.

In this moment of shared crisis, China has decided to expel American journalists from a number of news organizations, including the three we oversee, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The New York Times. This move — made in retaliation for recent expulsions by the United States government — is one that we would protest under any circumstances. But it is uniquely damaging and reckless as the world continues the struggle to control this disease, a struggle that will require the free flow of reliable news and information.

We strongly urge the Chinese government to reverse its decision to force the Americans working for our news organizations to leave the country and, more broadly, to ease the growing crackdown on independent news organizations that preceded this action. The media is collateral damage in a diplomatic dispute between the Chinese and U.S. governments, threatening to deprive the world of critical information at a perilous moment.

There’s more, but you get the idea…

Anyway, if I’m sitting back and howling at these jackboot-licking apple polishers, can you imagine the communist Chinese? They must be ROFLMFAO all over the place right now…

And, of course, these brownnosing lackeys in our increasingly irrelevant and mentally unstable elite media blame America. Of course, these obsequious, sniveling toadies either can’t see or refuse to see anything other than a moral equivalence in our treatment of Chinese journalist-spies and China’s treatment of our fake news media.

Odd how these communist ass-kissers don’t mention the reasons behind the American government demanding Beijing cut its state media personnel in half… But I’ll tell you why… It was in retaliation for — get this — China expelling three Wall Street Journal reporters back in February.

The State Department denied this is the reason, but everyone knows it is. What’s more, the reasons Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave are just as illuminating.

Pompeo said China had “imposed increasingly harsh surveillance, harassment, and intimidation against American and other foreign journalists operating in China.”

“We urge the Chinese government to immediately uphold its international commitments to respect freedom of expression, including for members of the press,” he added in a March 2 statement.

But the moral illiterates in our useless media just can’t bring themselves to acknowledge that it is the Trump administration standing up for the free press, and doing so in a way the Obama administration — who spied on American journalists — never would.

What shocks me more than anything is that these simpering dolts wrote an open letter… This is how clueless and out of touch these invertebrates are now: They believe this letter makes them look good and principled, like they’re standing up for something from an appeasing crouch.

Watching the corporate media self-immolate over these last four years into total irrelevance is, without question, the most gratifying experience of my professional life. Horrible people. Even worse Americans. Good riddance.

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