Nolte: Mika Brzezinski Melts Down, Goes Full ‘Karen’ over Trump Tweets

AP Photo/Evan Vucci
AP Photo/Evan Vucci

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski had a full meltdown both on the air and on Twitter Wednesday over a few tweets from President Donald Trump.

The far-left Brzezinski freaked out during a segment on the basement-rated Morning Joe, basically because Trump dares to fight back against Mika and her husband Joe Scarborough, who regularly lie about Trump and smear him as a liar, racist, and Nazi.

But Mika didn’t go the full-Karen until she got to this part of her tantrum, where she demanded to talk to Twitter’s manager —  which should make anyone with a heart and soul laugh out loud.

“First of all, Twitter, you shouldn’t be allowing this; and you should be taking these tweets down, and you should be ashamed of yourself,” Karen said. And then came the best part: “You’ll be hearing from me on this, because this is BS.”

She attacked the president as “sick” and full of “germs” and “disgusting” because he’s a Republican, and therefore required to roll over like a Mitt Romney whenever the media lie about him or smear him or attack his family.

Karen, I mean, Mika, seemed especially enraged over Trump reminding people about an incident in Scarborough’s past where a young woman in 2001, a 28-year-old intern, was found dead in Scarborough’s congressional district office.

Oddly enough, though, this incident was something Scarborough himself liked to joke about. Here’s a clip of him doing just on Don Imus’s nationally syndicated radio show.

Anyway, Karen Mika took her meltdown to Twitter where she demanded Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey take her calls! And that Trump’s tweets be removed immediately! And that — get this — Twitter blacklist the president of the United States.

Yes, she wants Trump blacklisted from Twitter over a tweet.

Yes, because Trump tweaked Sellout Joe Scarborough over something Sellout Joe Scarborough has joked about, Sellout Joe Scarborough’s bitter and neurotic wife Karen is demanding the president of the United States be blacklisted.

These tweets represent the Karenest Karening in the history of Karendom:

Karen has now claimed victory!

She will be speaking with your manager later today…

And while Mika fights this battle for him, Joe will be at home ironing and baking muffins.

Or maybe he’ll be on the phone with his old congressional pals yukking it up over old times…

…because your dead intern is hilarious — right, Joe?

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