CNN’s Jake Tapper Offers On-air Correction on Donald Trump Jr. RNC Speech


CNN’s Jake Tapper offered a rare on-air correction Tuesday of an erroneous statement he made the night before, claiming that Donald J. Trump Jr. had defended Confederate statues in his speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC).

As Breitbart News noted in a fact check, Don Jr. “specifically defended the ‘Founders’ and defended ‘monuments’ in general, not Confederate ones”:

CNN’s Jake Tapper seemed convinced that Donald J. Trump Jr. had used his address during the first night of the Republican National Convention (RNC) to defend Confederate statues. The following exchange took place on a CNN panel discussion:

Tapper: And the awkwardness of that, I thought, could be seen this evening, when Nikki Haley referred to — and, Abby, I think you mentioned this earlier — she didn’t even mention the word “Confederate” when she talked about how she had removed the Confederate flag from next to the State House in South Carolina. She said she had removed or been part of a group removing a divisive symbol. And so, anyway — she wouldn’t even go there in terms of acknowledging what she had taken down. And then Donald Trump Jr. spoke, and he talked about the need to keep Confederate statues standing! So we had her discussion, Dana, of what a great move that was, and it was, she should be praised for it.

Dana Bash: Right.

Tapper: And then Donald Trump Jr. saying keep the Confederate statues up.

But that is not what Donald Trump Jr. said.

Here are his exact words:

The left, they’re trying to cancel all of those Founders. They don’t seem to understand this important principle: In order to improve in the future, we must learn from our past, not erase it. So we’re not going to tear down monuments and forget the people who built our great nation. Instead, we will learn from our past so we don’t repeat any mistakes. And we will work tirelessly to improve the lives of all Americans.

Don Jr. defended “monuments” in general — after specifically referring to the Founders. He said nothing about Confederates.

On Tuesday, Tapper corrected the record — on the air.

“I thought that Donald Trump Jr. was referring to Confederate monuments,” Tapper said. “But he told me today that he was not. He was referring to monuments of the Founding Fathers, which he had referenced earlier.

“I regret the error.”

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