FBN’s Gasparino: ‘Hot and Heavy’ Speculation on Wall Street Jeff Bezos Interested in Buying CNN

Appearing Tuesday on the Fox Business Network’s Cavuto: Coast to Coast, Fox Business journalist Charles Gasparino said there is intense speculation on Wall Street that CNN may be for sale and could be snapped up by Amazon CEO and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos.

A transcript is as follows: 

NEIL CAVUTO: Let’s go to Charles Gasparino right now. He’s focusing on a number of things right now, including the quest for CNN that has some very interesting players.
CHARLES GASPARINO: Put this in the genre of “heard on the street.” I used to write the column back in the day when I was young reporter at the Wall Street Journal when you heard investment banking speculation, and this is pretty hot and heavy investment banking speculation that CNN could be for sale, and that the buyer of CNN could be none other than Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder, current owner, personally, of the Washington Post.


It is rampant that Bezos is interested in buying CNN. Fox Business has not been able to confirm Bezos’ interest, he has not called us back. CNN has declined to comment, although people at AT&T, which is the parent company for CNN, have said that they have not really received any interest from Bezos just yet. The reason why we report stories like this deal is because it may be foreshadowing something might come in the future.


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