Establishment Media Admits Joe Biden Failed to Shut Down the Virus  

WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 20: U.S. President Joe Biden exits Marine One on the South Lawn and walks to the Oval Office of the White House December 20, 2021 in Washington, DC. Biden spent the weekend in Wilmington, Delaware.
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The establishment media on Tuesday admitted President Joe Biden failed to shut down the Chinese coronavirus amid the omicron variant and a shortage of testing kits.

After Biden promised in 2020 “to shut down the virus, not the country,” the establishment media noticed that Biden conceded Monday there is “no federal solution” to shut the pandemic down.

“More than nine months later, he is now admitting not enough has been done,” CNN wrote, critiquing its ally in the White House.

“President Joe Biden and his team repeatedly promised more Covid-19 testing, including at-home kits that deliver rapid results, but they are now admitting a virus that is more adaptable than the politicians who fight it has outpaced them again,” CNN continued after months of praising Biden’s efforts, as in headlines like this one from January: “Biden unveils Covid-19 plan based on ‘science not politics’ as he signs new initiatives.”

The Washington Post, which criticized President Trump for his poor “handling of the coronavirus pandemic and his divisive, bullying conduct in office,” has turned its sights on Biden for floundering and breaking promises.

“The president made a bet in March that vaccination could return the country to some semblance of normalcy, promising a “‘summer of freedom,'” WaPo wrote. “But as the delta variant emerged, the highly transmissible strain tore through the country, outpacing the speed of our vaccination efforts.”

“Sadly, what we saw this week was an administration floundering and a president not in command of facts or willing to shift course in any substantial way on the pandemic,” the publication said about Biden’s lack of coronavirus tests.

The Wall Street Journal also reminded its readers Monday that Biden had stated, “Anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as President of the United States of America.”

Yet the New York Times reported in November the United States has accumulated more coronavirus deaths under Biden than under Trump, despite vaccine availability.

“He was wrong last year when he suggested that any politician had the power to control the pandemic,” the Journal wrote. “Now that Mr. Biden is in office, as the Omicron variant refuses to be ‘shut down,’ it would be a politically convenient time for him to acknowledge the virus reality.”

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