Report: 5,000 People a Day Dying of Coronavirus in China

The Washington Post looked at social media posts and satellite images on Monday to estimate the true death toll from China’s coronavirus surge and concluded the number is much higher than the 40 fatalities the Chinese Communist Party has chosen to acknowledge.

A medical worker takes a swab sample to test for COVID-19 from a worker at the Foxconn fac

China Claims Zero Coronavirus Deaths as Hearses Line Up at Crematoriums

Even as Chinese citizens mourn their loved ones and hearses pile up outside overworked crematoriums, the Chinese Communist government claimed there were absolutely zero fatalities from coronavirus on Tuesday. In fact, Communist officials retracted one of only seven deaths they have admitted to over the past two weeks.

A medical worker takes a swab sample to test for COVID-19 from a worker at the Foxconn fac

Chinese Stores Run Out of Basic Medicines as Panicked Citizens Hoard for Coronavirus Surge

A week after Chinese state media confidently boasted that surging production of masks and medicine would turn the massive nationwide Chinese coronavirus outbreak into a marvelous profit opportunity, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) told a very different tale of anguished Chinese coronavirus patents finding store shelves bereft of aspirin, ibuprofen, and other over-the-counter medicines that could make their symptoms more bearable.

BEIJING, CHINA - DECEMBER 04: Security guards wear PPE as they guard outside a community i

China: Criticism of Shanghai Lockdown Meant to ‘Delude’ People into Not Fearing Coronavirus

China’s state-run Global Times pushed back against a rising tide of international criticism and domestic discontent on Sunday by insisting the brutal lockdown imposed on Shanghai is appropriate and necessary for containing the Omicron coronavirus outbreak, and reports of misery from the lockdown are Western media exaggerations intended to “delude the Chinese public.”

Customers look through empty shelves at a supermarket in Shanghai, China, on March 30, 202

Moderna Seeks Urgent Approval to Vaccinate Very Young children

Biotech company Moderna announced Wednesday it is approaching the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for emergency use authorization to enable coronavirus vaccinations to be administered to very young children, those aged between six months and six years of age included.