Nolte: Everyone at CNN Serviced the Zucker-Gollust-Cuomo Affair

Photo by: John Nacion/STAR MAX/IPx 2019 12/8/19 Jeff Zucker at CNN Heroes at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.
John Nacion/STAR MAX/IPx via AP

Disgraced former CNN chief Jeff Zucker’s inappropriate relationship with Allison Gollust proves just how ethically compromised everyone is at the far-left outlet.

Just for starters, they all knew!

Everyone at CNN knew of what we now know was an open secret.

This isn’t about Zucker cheating on and leaving his wife for another woman. No one cares about his personal life. But in this case, his sidepiece also happened to be the very same person who worked her way up to CNN’s number two spot. Good grief, there was even serious talk of Zucker moving on at the end of 2022 and the sidepiece taking over as his replacement.

I know, right?

Apparently, we’re supposed to believe that the woman willing to take a bald, middle-aged gnome into her bed just so happens to be the best person for the job.

Come on.

What’s that, a coincidence, a merit-based promotion?

Oh, yeah, I’m sure Jeff and Allison built a Chinese wall between the bedroom and boardroom because if CNN is known for nothing else, it’s how goddamned ethical everyone is.

So everyone at CNN knows Zucker’s sidepiece is not only climbing the ranks but on the verge of taking over, and … no one says a word. No one even leaks anything. This breathtaking conflict of interest is condoned by everyone at CNN through their silence.

On top of that, no one at CNN said anything — not Wolf Blitzer, not Anderson Cooper, not Jake Tapper — when CNN’s media reporter Brian Stelter smeared Radar Online, the outlet that finally broke the news of the affair. Stelter smeared a media outlet for reporting the truth, and Blitzer, Cooper, Tapper were just fine with that.

But if you want to know just how willing CNN staffers were to whore out their credibility, to do Zucker’s bidding, it goes way beyond covering up the affair and remaining silent as those who told the truth were smeared…

Let’s connect the dots, shall we?

Allison Gollust is not just banging the boss. Allison Gollust is tight with disgraced former Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY). Before she went to work for Zucker at CNN, she worked as Andrew Cuomo’s communications director.

Stay with me here…

So Gollust is tight with Andrew Cuomo. She goes to work for Zucker, and immediately upon grabbing hold of the CNN reins in early 2013, one of Zucker’s first decisions is to hire Chris Cuomo, the little brother of Gollust’s former boss.

Imagine that!

Here you are, a governor filled with presidential ambition, and now your communications director (who was already super-chummy with Zucker going back a decade wink-wink-nudge-nudge-know-what-I-mean-know-what-I-mean) is working for the top guy at a cable news network, and that top guy just happens to hire your little brother to anchor what was, at the time, supposed to be the jewel in the Zucker’s crown: the New Day morning show.

Oh, but then your little brother proves to be a total failure. New Day’s ratings are an embarrassment.

What now?

What now?

Well, in a merit-based world, Chris Cuomo would have been demoted or fired. But when you are Andrew Cuomo’s little brother, and you work for the guy banging Andrew Cuomo’s former communications director, what happens is this: Little Brother Chris is allowed to fail upwards into a primetime perch.

This is happening, and no one at CNN says a word. Not a peep. Not a sound. Everyone knew what was going on. Everyone knew about the dots that connected Zucker to Gollust to Andrew Cuomo to Chris Cuomo, and everyone at CNN allowed Chris to fail upwards into a primetime perch without so much as a tweet, a protest, or a leak to a rival news agency.

Democrats sure got it good…

Oh, and that’s not even the worst of it…

Remaining silent is one thing. Joining the Zucker-Gollust-Andrew Cuomo orgy is something else entirely…

Between 2019 and 2020, everyone at CNN, every anchor, and reporter voluntarily whored out their souls to Andrew Cuomo.

Cooper, Tapper, Blitzer, Camerota, Stelter, Keiler, Lemon, Berman… They all spent a year dismissing and covering up Andrew’s Cuomo’s pile of serial scandals — sexual and otherwise. They all spent a year mythologizing Andrew Cuomo as America’s Governor. They all spent a year positioning Andrew Cuomo as a president-in-waiting to take down Trump.

Knowing all about the Zucker-Gollust-Andrew Cuomo connection, every big name at CNN still whored out their integrity and journalistic credibility to spread truckloads of misinformation in service to this jaw-dropping corruption. And this network-wide corruption to boost Andrew Cuomo undoubtedly contributed to ruining forever the CNN brand, which is now a basement-rated punchline.

They’re all tainted by this sleazy affair, all of them, they all participated, the entire network…

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