Turning Point Action, Mark Levin to Public: Tell Nebraska Gov. Not to Give Electoral College Vote to Biden

Nebraska Gov.-elect Jim Pillen answers a question while taking part in a panel discussion
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Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point Action organization and Fox News host Mark Levin are calling on the public to contact Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen (R)’s office and urge him to call an emergency session of the legislature and make it so that the state refrains from giving away an electoral college vote to President Joe Biden if former President Donald Trump wins Nebraska in the 2024 presidential election.

“Join Turning Point Action to rally support for legislation in Nebraska to pass a reform to go back to winner take all for all Electoral College Votes in the state!” Turning Point Action declared, calling on people to join the organization on Tuesday, April 9 at 7:00 p.m. at the Lord of Hosts Church in Omaha, Nebraska.

Attendees can register for the rally here.

Key Speakers At The Turning Point Action Conference

Charlie Kirk, founder and executive director of Turning Point USA, speaks at the Turning Point Action conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, on July 15, 2023. (Eva Marie Uzcategui/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Mark Levin echoed these sentiments, reminding the public of Nebraska’s “bizarre” system in which one of its electoral college votes is given away to the Democrats, even after the state is won by a Republican candidate.

“The Republican always wins a significant majority in Nebraska,” Levin said, before noting that the state’s system is “set up in a way so that the Republicans lose an electoral college vote.”

Levin added that “there’s a movement afoot to fix that,” so that when Trump inevitably wins Nebraska, the former president doesn’t lose one of his electoral college votes to Biden.

From there, Levin called on his audience to “get engaged,” warning that “time for the legislature is running out.”

“The governor needs to call a special session, an emergency session of the legislature, and get this legislation passed,” Levin explained, before urging his audience to call Pillen at 402-471-2244 and go to the governor’s website to encourage him to make this change.

Mark Levin

Mark Levin speaks during the Conservative Political Action Conference. (Stefani Reynolds/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

“You know damn well if it was a Democrat running the show under these circumstances, they’d do whatever they’d have to do,” Levin said. “And for once, we have something we can do rather than wring our hands and whine.”

The host of the nationally syndicated radio show, The Mark Levin Show, said there needs to be “a mass surge” of people calling Gov. Pillen on April 9 to “politely and civilly urge the governor to call a special session of the legislature and change the way the electoral votes are assigned in Nebraska.”

“Winner should take all,” Levin asserted. “We can’t lose this election by one electoral college vote.”

Notably, only two states have this odd system of distributing electoral college votes in a presidential election: Maine and Nebraska.

“Maine can be problematic. Sometimes we win it, sometimes we don’t,” Levin said. “But Nebraska, we win, and we’re handing one of the electoral college votes to the Democrats every time. That’s just stupid.”

“We’re talking about a presidential election, not a congressional election here,” the Fox News host added. “The people of the state decide, not the people of Omaha.”

Levin told his audience that Americans shouldn’t be letting people in Omaha potentially “throw a presidential election in one direction or another.”

“We need Nebraska to get back in line with the rest of our states and stop handing an electoral college vote to the Democrats,” he said. “Electoral college votes are not supposed to be handed out to cities. States get them. It’s the vote of the states, not the vote of pieces of the states.”

“We shouldn’t be winning in significant numbers in Nebraska and handing one electoral college vote to Biden, it’s just ridiculous,” Levin declared.

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