Republican Carries Sign with Obama's Head on a Spike, Secret Service Pays a Visit

Republican Carries Sign with Obama's Head on a Spike, Secret Service Pays a Visit

Washington Examiner: Republican Councilman Paul Smith, of Sterling Heights, Michigan, has found himself at the center of controversy after video of him holding a sign that depicted President Obama’s head on a spike surfaced after being recorded at a Tea Party rally more than three years ago in April 2009. He also had other signs that included Nancy Pelosi with bullet holes in her head, and a noose around the neck of former Michigan Governor, Jennifer Granholm.

The sign that depicted a decapitated President Obama with blood dripping from his neck contained the statements, “Shit on a stick”, and “One more day is too many!” and “He changed American into Uganda.” which was scrawled out in large letters.

While that sign was repugnant, Smith’s signs towards female politicians were notably harsher. Democratic Minority Leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi ,was depicted with 6 blood dripping bullet holes in her face. The ugly phrases included “Pelosi hates America. Loves bribes and wetbacks.” The sign also said “Extreme Left Bitch.” Indeed, because nothing says civility like holding a sign calling another person an extreme bitch. Right?

The revelation of this information came from Sterling Heights Mayor Pro Tem, Michael Taylor, who inadvertently found the damning footage while watching YouTube videos. Because of this discovery the city council voted, with Smith participating, to publicly call for the resignation of Paul Smith. The vote was tallied at 6 to 1 in favor, with Smith being the only member who didn’t vote for his own resignation. Because of the public nature of this discovery, a Secret Service investigation was triggered.