Limbaugh: Dems Using Amnesty to Import Permanent Underclass of Poor, People of Color

Limbaugh: Dems Using Amnesty to Import Permanent Underclass of Poor, People of Color

Tuesday on his nationally syndicated radio show, Rush Limbaugh scolded Republicans for their “PTSD” on immigration reform. He said that Republicans who think they need to pass immigration reform to win the Hispanic vote are being mislead.

Limbaugh made the case that the “unspoken” motivation behind the lefts latest amnesty push is Democrats are planing to “import people” who are “uneducated, poor people of color” who become trapped in our welfare system and are therefore dependent on all the big government programs democrats champion. Rush said this is a plan to create a “permanent underclass” of liberal voters which in the long run will push our system more towards socialism.

Transcript as follows:

They really believe the only way they can ever win again is to get some Hispanic votes and that the only way they can do that is to be for amnesty, and they don’t see… Okay, it’s one thing to have the economic result of a never-ending flow of people that are gonna end up being constant Democrat voters because they’re gonna be a new permanent underclass. But the other aspect of their arrival is, to me, just as bad.

You — you… (sigh) You have a never-ending inflow of people of color who are uneducated, poorly educated, and don’t have any money. You get them into the country, and you have just expanded and continue to expand the number of people “left out of the American dream.” You have a whole bunch of people who are on the low end of the income gap. That provides the left a never-ending amount of ammunition to blame America for their circumstance. They come here and they arrive uneducated. They arrive poor.

Given the left’s stewardship of the country, they are not gonna improve themselves. They’re gonna become wards of the state. They become welfare recipients. They become part of the Democrat underclass, and that very existence allows the Democrats to blame America for their plight! And while they do that, then they continually demand more affirmative action to address the legalities, inequalities, inequities, what have you. And it never ends!

There is no way the United States can ever make amends. It’s impossible. Because you keep importing people who are poor as they arrive and uneducated as they arrive. And the minute they arrive, those circumstances are blamed on America — by the media, by the left — in their effort to convert this from a capitalist to a socialist country by pointing out, “Capitalism doesn’t work! Look at these people. Look at these arrivals.


So this amnesty business. This illegal immigration and dealing with it with amnesty is just an absolutely disastrous way of solving the problem. For those of you who are concerned — and there is, folks. There’s a battle for the heart and soul of America. There is a battle for the kind of country we’re gonna be. It’s being waged by the people we elected in 2008 to lead this country.

They are populated, that bunch is — this Regime is — with people who believe this country’s intrinsically flawed from the founding, that this country is the problem in world. “This country needs to be brought down a couple pegs. The people of this country need to find out what it’s like to live elsewhere in the world. We are not legitimately a superpower.

We’re being governed and led by a minority, which has the media on its side, which helps to create the impression that they’re the majority. They are still in the midst of tactics, strategic tactics designed to overtake the country, hopefully with no resistance. The way they can do that — secure no resistance — is to guilt their opponents into basically letting them have what they want to have and do what they want to do, under the guise that this is only fair.

The Republicans are falling for this hook, line, and sinker. You’ve got the Chamber of Commerce and the business lobby and they see nothing but low-skilled/low-wage labor, cheap labor being brought in “to do work Americans won’t do.” That old saw. And that’s as far as it goes. There is no ideology as far as they’re concerned. This is strictly dollars and cents, and it’s a shame that that’s the case.

So many people associate the Republican Party with Big Business and capitalism, and that’s not the case anymore. It’s crony socialism or crony capitalism, however you wish to define it. But it involves corporate interests getting close to whoever is in power and having success be determined by that close proximity and that degree of support and association, rather than standing for a set of principles.

Now, conservatism is a set of principles, and I believe that the vast majority of this country still is populated by people who live those principles and raise their kids with those principles, but a lot of them have been made to feel guilty over this constant barrage of allegations and accusations of all the rotten things that America has done to the poor and the disadvantaged and we need to make amends.

Hello, affirmative action — and never-ending affirmative action if we get amnesty — and this never-ending influx of poor, uneducated, or low-educated people. The minute they get here, they immediately fall into those categories for which the left points fingers of blame at America. America’s the reason they’re uneducated, America’s the reason they’re poor, ’cause income inequality or prejudice and bigotry.

The only way to fight that is with competing principles: A fearless defense of this nation’s founding, a fearless defense of this nation’s greatness and why it became great, a fearless factual defense of why this country became the world’s lone superpower in less than 200 years. There are specific reasons for it. But a powerful United States with the identifying factor — the differentiating factor between us and the rest of the world — being freedom and individualism and entrepreneurism?

The left can’t peacefully coexist with that. They stamp it out, make it the minority, and then blame it. They blame all of that: Entrepreneurism, rugged individualism, freedom, liberty. “Governments and businesses with no regulations will run roughshod over the poor and the disadvantaged,” meaning we need Democrats to protect them, and the more poor and disadvantaged we can get here, the better the case the Democrats have for what a rotten place this country is.

That’s what the purpose of amnesty is, in addition to creating or providing a never-ending, permanent underclass for the Democrats. They’re people who will vote for Democrats as the stewards of Big Government, redistributing wealth to the poor and so forth. You import people who believe that’s the purpose of government — and that’s exactly what amnesty is. I really believe the only way to stop this is with the principles of this nation’s founding.

Whoever we get and wherever we get ’em, whoever they are, we’ve gotta have people who are able to proudly explain them — infectiously do so — and defend them. It used to be what the Republican Party was. It used to be what it was known for. Now the left has successfully made establishment Republicans feel guilty about that. So establishment Republicans want to end the guilt.

They want to stop feeling that way and they want to, in their minds, get rid of the reasons the left can accuse them of that. So they go along with amnesty, and the one thing (sigh) that I can’t get through their heads is that no matter what they do, the Democrats are gonna continue to portray them as racists and sexists and bigots. No matter what they do! They’re having too much success; they’re never gonna stop! They don’t want the Republicans to really change, is the bottom line.

I think it’s crucial point. Amnesty gets talked about in the economic sense, but I think this other aspect of it poses even greater harm. This idea that affirmative action never ends and that the idea the country is, by virtue of its founding, unjust and immoral? This is what they’re trying to codify. They are trying to establish it as fact, which will give them open season on redoing/restructuring this country in their eyes to make it something over which they have never-ending, total power. That means a loss of individual liberty and freedom. This is where we are headed.

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