GOP Rep: Feds Knew about Border Surge in January, 'Not Following the Law' Will End GOP

GOP Rep: Feds Knew about Border Surge in January, 'Not Following the Law' Will End GOP

On Thursday’s broadcast of “The Laura Ingraham Show,” Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) stated that the federal government knew there would be an influx of unaccompanied minors back and sent a request for bus transport for over tens of thousands of illegal aliens in January. 

Bridenstine reported that a check of federal acquisitions website FedBizOps ( showed “in January, there was a request for information, they were looking for a contractor in January who could transport via bus, over 60,000 illegal alien children.”  He also agreed with Ingraham that the border surge was “planned,” as part of a push to promote immigration reform.

He disagreed with the assertion from Obama administration officials that an increase in violence in Central America was responsible for the influx of illegal immigrants, and stated the only difference between now and the past is that “this president has advertised to the world that if you come here, you get to stay,” and “if you want to be humanitarian about it, you have to enforce these laws.”   

Bridenstine took issue with Republican strategists and politicians who argued that Republicans had to support comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship in order to politically survive.  He argued that the GOP’s political future is imperiled by a massive number of illegal immigrants and liberal attempts to undermine voter ID laws, and “what will end the Republican Party…is not following the law.”

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