Israeli Ambassador: Over 100 Rockets Fired at Israel Today

Israeli Ambassador: Over 100 Rockets Fired at Israel Today

On Tuesday’s “OutFront” on CNN, Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer said that about 150 rockets were fired at Israeli cities including Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.  Dermer stated,“Hamas has been escalating the situation,” and compared the rocket launches to a simultaneous attack on New York and Washington D.C. 

He also rebutted claims that Israel and Hamas share equal blame for the conflict, arguing “there’s no moral symmetry between Israel fighting against terror and a terror organization that’s fired thousands of rockets at Israel’s cities.”

Dermer also pointed out the steps that Israel takes to avoid civilian casualties despite Hamas’ use of human shields.  He stated that Hamas militants “deliberately target our civilians. They fire at our civilians, they also hide behind civilians…using them as human shields…we go to great lengths to keep them out of harm’s way. We send text messages to them. We make clear where we’re going to hit, and hopefully these people are not in any area next to a missile. I have seen myself how many times Israel decides not to do an operation because civilians are going to come into harm’s way.”

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