Beck: 'Let's be Decent People and Take Care of the Kids When They Are Here'

Beck: 'Let's be Decent People and Take Care of the Kids When They Are Here'

Radio host Glenn Beck continued to defend his initiative to send food, soccer balls and teddy bears to illegal immigrants on the southern border, which he said had raised $1.8 million on Monday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Beck urged “let’s be decent people and take care of the kids when they are here,” and stated, “I really fear that we are on the edge of losing our country through this division, if we don’t find ways to say, ‘look, we all love the children. We all feel the same way.’”

He added “we have a personal responsibility for mercy and to be there to help them to be the Good Samaritan, and to be the Americans that we always are.”

Beck also attacked his liberal critics, saying, “I find it more than ironic than the guy who they have always said hates people who are different and hates illegal aliens and everything else is raising money and is going down and feeding while the president doesn’t even do what George Bush with did with Katrina and fly over the situation.”

Beck took aim at President Barack Obama for failing to secure the border as well. He stated that he believes the president wants an open border and said, “His definition of justice may be different than my definition of justice. My definition, the government is to provide justice, and it’s our job to provide mercy. I think the government is failing on justice, but he may have a different definition of justice.” 

He further criticized the politicization of unaccompanied minors at the border declaring, “I don’t care if it is the left or the right that’s doing it. It is wrong. It is shameful. It’s un-American, and it’s not the Christian thing to do. We must unite and come together at least on this.” He also announced that he would be reading “the first ever monologue translated into Spanish directed directly to Latin America and South America, telling people this is what your kids are involved in. This is what is happening. You’re rape you’re risking kidnapping, you’re risking the sex slavery ring.”

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