Romney Omits Cruz, Perry, Rand from Presidential List

Romney Omits Cruz, Perry, Rand from Presidential List

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney may have snubbed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), and Texas Gov. Rick Perry in an interview on Wednesday’s “Sean Hannity Show.”  

Romney re-iterated he wasn’t considering running for president in 2016, and said, “I’m not the best person to defeat the Democrat nominee.”

When he was asked which candidates he thought would be good nominees for the party, he replied, “There are quite a group of people, among those who are considering running, that I think have the potential to become a terrific president and to win. From Paul Ryan… and Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie, and Scott Walker, and Marco Rubio, it’s a long list of people who I think are people who recognize the need to strengthen our foundation at home… as well as exert leadership, that doesn’t mean going to war, around the world.”  

Romney said that he would be “rooting for our nominee,” but omitted Sens. Cruz and Paul, both of whom have been frequently discussed as possible presidential candidates, and Texas Governor Rick Perry, who has again been floated as a potential contender. 

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