FNC's Bolling to Jihadists: 'You Want a Holy War? We'll Give You One'

FNC's Bolling to Jihadists: 'You Want a Holy War? We'll Give You One'

On his Saturday broadcast of “Cashin’ In,” host Eric Bolling end his show by sounding off against radical Islam and the threats radical Islamic groups have made against the United States and the actions it has carried out against other religions.

“Wake up, America — radical Islam is terrorizing the globe,” Bolling said. “ISIS, or the Islamic state, is attempting ethnic genocide in Iraq trapping tens of thousands of men, women and children all because they practice their faith in a way radical Islam disagrees with and ISIS has already driven a million Christians out of Iraq to Egypt where extremist Muslim Brotherhood went on a murderous rampage killed Coptic Christians an burning down their churches just because they’re Christian.”

Bolling went on to dare Islam to take on the United States and offered a “holy war.”

“To Israel, Islamic jihad teamed up with Hamas and is firing rockets at innocent Israelis. Iran, Pakistan, Syria — radical Islam is a jihad against Christianity and frankly anyone who doesn’t worship the way they do,” he said. “There’s a common denominator, they’re Islamic, they’re radical, they’re extremists and they’re purely intolerant. It’s time to wake up.”

“Check out this video of an ISIS leader who says we will not stop until they raise the flag of Mohammed in the White House,” Bolling said. “Really? Our White House? I don’t think so. We’ve been largely impatient with these Islamic thugs. I’ve been pushing back on getting involved in conflicts that aren’t ours. This persecution of Christians and the new war cry of we will not stop until we raise the flag of Mohammed at the White House changes everything. You want a holy war? We’ll give you one. It just may be time to unleash hell on radical Islam. Don’t worry Islamic jihadist – your 72 virgins await.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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