Krauthammer on Darren Wilson Federal Investigation: ‘It Will Go Nowhere’

Krauthammer on Darren Wilson Federal Investigation: ‘It Will Go Nowhere’

On Tuesday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer reacted to rhetoric earlier in the day from outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder, who remarked on last night’s decision not to charge Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson with wrongdoing in the shooting and killing of Michael Brown.

Krauthammer ripped Holder’s reasoning for speaking out against the violence and looting in Ferguson following the announcement.

“That’s an astonishing statement and it’s really in stark contrast with the way the president presented himself tonight,” Krauthammer said. “I agree entirely with Steve, as I was watching it earlier on the show, I was impressed by how the president was measured and calm, encouraging people who are upset, frustrated, at the same time unequivocally condemning the arson and looting and saying these people need to be prosecuted.”

“You get the attorney general condemning the arson and the looting by saying it threatens to drown out legitimate voices,” he continued. “That’s not the reason that this is wrong. It’s because it is wrong. It’s because it’s an assault on other people, it’s an assault on the law. And I was watching this live, and when he said the acts of violence cannot and will not be — I’m wait forgive the word ‘tolerated.’ He is the attorney general of the United States, and he uses the word ‘condoned.’ Is there anybody who thinks that arson and looting ought to be condoned? I think that is an astonishing statement by an attorney general. And again, they contrast with the president is very stark.”

As for possible federal charges to be levied against Wilson, Krauthammer predicted they would “go nowhere.”

“It will go nowhere, i think he’s doing it as a way to placate the people who are angry and i think it will end up where the Trayvon Martin federal investigation went, which was to determine that there wasn’t a case,” Krauthammer added.

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