GOP Rep: Non-Cromnibus-Bill Discussed In GOP Conference

GOP Rep: Non-Cromnibus-Bill Discussed In GOP Conference

Representative Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) reported that House Republicans discussed a short-term continuing resolution that would fund the entire government until the new Congress is sworn in, thus allowing the GOP to have a shot at attacking the funding for Obamacare without having to wait until the end of the fiscal year during Wednesday’s conference on “The Sean Hannity Show.”

When asked “in conference today, did it not come up, the issue of a continuing resolution for the very reason I’m describing? [the opportunity to defund Obamacare without having to wait for several months]”

“It did, and, I can’t argue with you that a continuing resolution for all of the agencies…that would be reasonable,” adding that the executive action on immigration would be “appropriate fodder” for one of the GOP’s first act in January. 

Earlier, when Hannity floated the possibility of a short-term CR that only funds the government until January, Lummis said “we could do that,” and also conceded that the cromnibus would erase any opportunity to defund Obamacare for several months, but that she was “undecided” about her vote on the cromnibus. She suggested that it a short-term CR should probably fund the government until February so Senate Republicans have time to arrange committee chairs and get set-up before embarking on any funding battles. 

She also disagreed with Hannity on whether House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) was avoiding any funding battles for several months because he didn’t want to have any, saying “I’ve heard a different tone from John Boehner in the last couple of days.”

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