George Will Touts ‘Potent’ Scott Walker

Columnist George Will touted Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) as “potentially the most potent candidate” for the GOP in 2016 on Monday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

“Don’t overlook, I think potentially the most potent candidate, and that is Scott Walker of Wisconsin, having now just been re-elected and in between election and re-election survived recall. That means three times in 48 months he won in a blue state. And it’s part of that blue wall [a term Will coined for states that have traditionally voted for Democratic presidential candidates since the 1990s]” he said.

Will also sang the praises of Indiana Governor Mike Pence (R) and Ohio Governor John Kasich (R). He said that Pence was “very successful” as governor and strong on social issues. Will argued that Kasich’s landslide re-election victory in November, while it came against a weak challenger, was important because it took place in the swing state of Ohio.

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