CNN Frets That ‘Right-Wing’ Parties Will Stoke ‘Anti-Immigration’ Sentiment

CNN Global Affairs Analyst Bobby Ghosh worried that “right-wing” and “anti-immigration” parties in France will “stoke up anger and hatred” in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris on Wednesday’s “New Day”

“There are, however, I said earlier that there are right wing parties in France that prosper when something like this happens, that take advantage of these kinds of situations and stoke up anger and hatred, the anti-immigration parties as well, which kind of there’s an overlap between the two. And I have no doubt there will be people in France who will be, if not baying for blood, then certainly speaking in very angry tones” he stated.

Anchor Chris Cuomo did point out “in the northern part of Paris, you have a largely unpoliced population of a burgeoning Islamic community that’s raised a lot of concerns there about why isn’t there police presence there, why aren’t these people integrated into society? And there’s concern that exactly this type of extremism will take root in place of in place of any type of enfranchising of these people.”

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