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Charlie Hedbo

Allah Hu Akbar Cartoon That ‘Should Never Have Been Published’

Belgium’s Orwellian-sounding Interfederal Centre for Equal Opportunities has become embroiled in an argument over a cartoon in a regional newspaper. It is investigating the picture which the Editor In Chief of the journal says should never have been published. The cartoon in question


French Policeman Wounded By Gunshot Near Paris

PARIS, Aug 16 (Reuters) – A French policeman was slightly wounded by a gunshot on Sunday as he tried to apprehend two men who had broken into an Interior Ministry building just outside Paris, a ministry spokesman said. The circumstance


Best and Worst Reactions to the Paris Terror Attacks

The world’s reaction to the shootings of 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris – and the world’s lack of reaction to the shooting of four people at a kosher supermarket the next day – have filled the news for days. Some of those reactions have been inspirational; others have demonstrated the self-destruct tendency at the heart of the Western post-modern mindset; and some are just plain tone deaf. Here are the best and worst reactions to the Paris terror attacks:

Charlie Hebdo

CAIR Exec Director: Maher ‘Offends Himself More Than He Offends Me’

On Thursday’s broadcast of “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell,” CAIR executive director Nihad Awad reacted to HBO host Bill Maher’s remarks on Islam as it pertained to this week’s terrorist attack on the French magazine Charlie Hedbo in Paris.


The United West: Charlie Hebdo Tribute

(THE UNITED WEST) Over the years, we at The United West have worked with many counter-jihad activists in Paris. The brave souls at Charlie Hebdo were on the forefront of the classic Western Civilization fight for freedom to offend all people

On est Charlie

Jon Stewart Opens ‘Daily Show’ with Charlie Hebdo Tribute

On Wednesday’s “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central, host Jon Stewart opened his program with a tribute to Charlie Hebdo in a statement explaining that those in “comedy” should not have face these sort of attacks and he condemned those


Anjem Choudary in USA Today: ‘Islam Does Not Mean Peace’

Fundamentalist Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary—who created a Twitter firestorm by responding to the massacre of staffers at Charlie Hebdo magazine with a rebuke of free speech—expands those comments in an op-ed carried by USA Today.

anjem choudary

Je Suis Charlie: Thousands of Parisians Show Support for Charlie Hebdo

Two gunmen slaughtered twelve people in broad daylight at the headquarters of Charlie Hedbo, a satirical newspaper in Paris. The gunmen targeted the cartoonists over the publication of cartoon images of the Prophet Mohammed. Instead of submitting to terrorists, Parisians marched into the streets Wednesday night to show solidarity and support for the publication.

A man holds a placard that reads, "I prefer to die standing than live on my knees", during a vigil to pay tribute to the victims of a shooting by gunmen at the offices of weekly satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris at Republique square January 7, 2015.

Newspapers in Turkey Justify Paris Massacre

Two Islamist newspapers in Turkey have caused a firestorm on social media after their headlines seemed to justify the massacre committed by Islamic fundamentalists in Paris.

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