NBC Terrorism Analyst: Right-Wingers ‘Ultimate Tragedy,’ ‘As Much of a Problem As Jihadists’

NBC News Terrorism Analyst Evan Kohlmann used discussions on recent terrorism attacks in France on MSNBC to rail against right-wing parties in France twice on Friday, dubbing them “as much a problem” as jihadists and arguing that the increased popularity of right-wing parties was “the ultimate tragedy.”

Kohlmann criticized the “openly racist, openly prejudiced, openly hateful towards minorities across France” rhetoric of the National Front and stated that they were “as much of a problem as jihadists are, and there’s many more National Front supporters than there are jihadists in France.”

Later he said that terrorist attacks against soft targets and France are “compounded, by not only having this tragedy of these people being murdered, but then on top of it, having right-wing, neo-Fascist parties benefit from that. That is the ultimate tragedy.”

(h/t Daily Caller and Real Clear Politics )

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