CNN’s Tapper: ‘Disappointed as an American’ Obama Is Not at Paris Rally

Sunday while covering the Paris Unity Rally, CNN’s Jake Tapper pointed out while he was not criticizing the Obama administration, he is “disappointed personally, as an American,” the best representation at the Paris Unity Rally today from the Obama Administration was Attorney General Eric Holder, who was already in Paris.

Tapper said, “I would add, and I don’t mean this as a criticism of the Obama Administration, but as an American, I do wish that we were better represented in this beautiful procession of world leaders. The Attorney General Eric Holder has been here in France. He was previously scheduled to be here for a conference on extremism . I’m a little disappointed personally, this is me speaking personally, not as a representative of CNN,  as an American that there isn’t more of a display of unity here. Because this is one of the most incredible events I have ever attended and the positivity that these people of France are expressing. This isn’t a rally, even though there was an ugly racist element in this society, as there is in every society. They are not embracing anger or any sort of hatred. This is a rally that is expressing brotherhood and sisterhood and it’s a beautiful thing to behold.”

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