Rand Paul: ‘I Heard About a Lot of Free Stuff,’ Just Not How to Pay For It

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) said that he “heard about a lot of free stuff” but little about how to pay for it in President Obama’s State of the Union in an interview on Tuesday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

“I heard about a lot of free stuff, but I didn’t hear much about how he’s going to pay for it…so you’ve got to wonder about the guy’s sincerity. This is a guy who could only spin he won the election of those who didn’t vote. That’s sort of what I heard is a lack of sincerity” he stated.

He also said “you know I don’t think he [Obama] should get to have it both ways, he’s proud of accomplishments on the one hand, but then he still blames income inequality, lagging wages, wage problems and inflation, wages not keeping up with inflation. So he’s going to have all of these he’s going to blame on someone else, but he’s going to take credit for economic successes.”

Paul further argued that “what I think he [Obama] mistakes is there’s a productive sector, and that’s the private sector. And there’s the nonproductive sector, and that’s government. Sure, we have to have government, but should minimize government because government’s not very productive. Think of the Post Office. So, a government that can’t run the Post Office should be kept very, very, small, and productive jobs would be greater if we would allow more money to stay in the private marketplace.” And reported that he has not heard anything from the president despite numerous attempts to contact him about bipartisan tax legislation he has pushed with Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA).

Paul also commented on the 2016 presidential race and a potential Mitt Romney candidacy, saying “in order to win in a big election, a presidential election, you’ve got to attract new people to the party. This means more African-American voters, more Hispanic voters, more young people, more Independents. And I guess the objective evidence is, in 2012 it didn’t work so well. I like Governor Romney, I think he’s a good person, but there wasn’t something there to attract new people. And I don’t understand what will be different this time. So, I think everybody has their time and place, and sometimes, we might do better, and I think we would do better, with something new, somebody fresh, and with new ideas.”

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