Gutfeld, Williams: Islamophobia Claims Designed to ‘Shut You Up’

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld and The Hill columnist Juan Williams argued that charges of Islamophobia are designed “to shut you up” on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

Gutfeld began by criticizing HBO’s Bill Maher for mocking a Navy recruitment ad, pointing out that Maher has previously identified radical Islam as a threat, but “then he wonders if those who fight these enemies don’t really need more help. That’s what I would call a disconnect. It’s like proclaiming your love for Whole Foods, but condemning the trucks who get the chow there. I mean do you really need all those vehicles to get my free range kale on the shelf?”

Gutfeld then gave Maher some praise, stating “but look, it’s Bill, he’s learning. The Islamic threat is an education for liberals the same way murderous Communism was for them decades ago. As the tens of millions of bodies piled up, many on the left could no longer applaud such utopias. Of course, some still do, denying Communism’s massive death toll, instead infecting this toxin into matters like climate change and race. For under every race-baiter and climate hysteric is a thirst for the death of the west. But Maher represents a needed deviation, as liberals realize that the language of the left built the Islamophobic shield that now harbors evil. Islamophobia is the modern anti-anti-communism, a device to prevent criticism of barbarism. How many terror attacks does one really need? Is the same question as how many millions must die before you condemn Communism? Sadly, it’s always more.”

Williams agreed, adding that Islamophobia charges are designed “to shut you up.”

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