CBS’s O’Donnnell Asks Dem Sen if Hillary ‘Coronation’ is Good for the Party

Sunday on CBS’s  “Face the Nation,” Norah O’Donnnell  asked Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL)  if a “coronation” of Hillary Clinton to be the party’s 2016 presidential candidate is “good” for the Democratic Party.

Durbin said, “Secretary Clinton is carefully constructing her campaign. I am impressed by the people involved in it from top to bottom. She’s going to avoid the mistakes of the past. She’s brought together the best and brightest in our party. I think we’ll be unified if she announces her candidacy and does  soon, behind that candidacy, but we have an uphill battle. Secretary Baker is right, never take an election for granted. If the economy continues to grow and stabilize as it has under president Obama, we’ll be in strong position to elect Secretary Clinton.”

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