Bolton: Obama and Rand ‘Very Dangerous’ on ISIS

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton argued that both President Obama and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) take a “very dangerous” approach to ISIS on Thursday’s “John Gibson Show” on Fox News Radio.

“The purpose of foreign policy, in the long term is to prevent what today are perhaps only minor threats to the United States from becoming major threats. And the idea, which I think is shared by both Barack Obama and Rand Paul that ISIS really doesn’t represent a threat to the United States, doesn’t today and won’t tomorrow, is a very dangerous way of approaching instability around the world” he stated.

Bolton continued “We have got to have more of a debate about national security policy as part of our general political debate. I think the American people are way ahead of their political leaders on this, I think they actually expect the president to defend the country, and I think that was demonstrated in 2014 when ISIS was beheading Americans. So, I think having a robust debate, certainly for the Republican nomination, will show where the Republican Party is, and it remains the party of national security. And I think that’s important for the country, I think it’s good politically too.”

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