Watch: Whoopi, Rosie Battle over Brian Williams’ ‘Blatant Lie’

Thursday on ABC’s “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell had a heated debate over NBC News’ Brian Williams lying and now apologizing about being in a helicopter in 2003 that was hit by an RPG missile, instead of the helicopter that arrived an hour later.

The disagreement centered on difference between a lie and exaggeration over time, with O’Donnell blasting Williams saying, “It’s a blatant lie. It’s a Lance Armstrong lie.” adding, “I think you would know if you were in a helicopter that was actually hit by a missile.”

Goldberg defended Williams, saying, “I’m just saying, when he first told the story, he told the story as it happened. Every time he told it again, it got more exciting. He was more there, more that. By the time he was finished, he was on the helicopter. I’m sorry, people forget themselves. They get all wrapped up in their story and sometimes, you know, what is the word?”

Rosie O’Donnell shot back “lying,” to cheers and applause

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