Fmr DIA Chief Flynn: Obama‘s ISIS Strategy is ‘Confusion’

Sunday on “Fox News Sunday,” the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn,  said President Barack Obama’s strategy to fight ISIS has a, “sense of passivity or confusion.”

Flynn said, “I think what the American people is looking for, is they are looking for moral courage and clarity and not a sense of passivity or confusion. I think there’s confusion about what it is we’re facing. It’s not defined as just 40,000 fighters in the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria. It’s also a large segment within that radical version of Islam that is threatening our way of life.”

Host Chris Wallace asked,”When you talk about passivity or confusion, is that what you see coming out of this White House?”

Flynn elaborated, “What I see, I see it’s not just — it’s not just the White House. I really do believe that when members of congress are yelling at the White House for strategy and the White House is talking back to them, I think what they really need to do is, they need to sit down and figure out what is our strategy going forward. This is not about one administration or another, this is about how do we move forward against this radical version of Islam.”

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