Iraq War Vet: I Feel ‘Disenfranchised’ As ISIS Threatens Base

Iraq War veteran Joey Hurst, who was stationed at Ayn al-Assad Air Base said he feels “disenfranchised” as ISIS threatens the base on Friday’s “CNN Newsroom.”

“I feel disenfranchised. I was just talking with one of my old Army buddies that I was in with, and like you said, I had a good friend that was killed while we over there. You know, Brooke, I’ll never forget that day [that] he died. And, you know, seeing that Humvee come back to us that had been hit with a roadside bomb and knowing that that’s where Sergeant Williams, you know, breathed his last breath here on this earth and as we’re towing it back on al-Assad Base, it feels safe and secure, now, and fast forward to ten years later, and it’s going right back to where it was…I know that the Marines there, you know, are definitely willing to fight, and if it does cost them the chance to — you know, if they do have to end up paying the ultimate sacrifice, then you know, it’s really going to be hard on me knowing that I had already done that ten years ago and saw a good friend die because of it” he stated.

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