ESPN’s Dick Vitale: Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim Not a ‘Cheater’

Longtime ESPN announcer Dick Vitale, who was recently removed from calling the Duke-UNC basketball games, went on a rant on Saturday about the suspension and vacated wins of Syracuse men’s basketball coach Jim Boeheim after an investigation found that Syracuse allowed basketball players to play, despite being academically ineligible.

According to Vitale, he knows Coach Boeheim and he is not a cheater just because he was not aware of what was happening.

“I’ll simply say this. I know Jim Boeheim and people who label him a cheater, should be fired absolutely is a joke. Jim Boeheim, what he has done for Syracuse is unbelievable. I know the kind of person he is. Cheating to me is if a coach is aware that players are getting cash. He’s arranging them with boosters. Cheater is, for me, a guy that arranges with boosters $100 handshakes. Jim Boeheim didn’t do that.”

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