Levin: ‘Interesting’ Hillary Has Hardest Time With E-mails

Talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments,” Mark Levin remarked that it was “interesting” that Hillary Clinton “had the greatest difficulty” separating personal and official e-mails on Tuesday.

Levin said, “she [Hillary] said she didn’t have the separate accounts because she didn’t want to carry additional devices around with her, but anybody with half a brain cell knows that a lot of people have one device and multiple e-mail accounts on it…so she has all these experts building this server in her house, they couldn’t tell her that.”

“She’s not the only high official who has to separate official and private e-mails and so forth and so on and has to follow the rules. And yet, for some reason, she had the greatest difficulty. Isn’t that interesting?” Levin added.

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