Krauthammer: ‘Obvious’ Obama Wants to Bypass Congress on Iran

Columnist Charles Krauthammer argued “it’s obvious the administration wants to go to the UN and to cut out the Congress” on Iran on Friday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

“It’s obvious the administration wants to go to the UN and to cut out the Congress, regardless of the legalities here. If he goes to the UN and he gets the Security Council to approve of the deal, assuming he signs this deal. What’s going to happen overnight, it will be approved and the Europeans, the Chinese, and the Russians are going to end their sanctions. And that means that even if we retain our sanctions, it will make little difference, the sanctions regime will be over, we have seen during the months that Obama has been saying Iran is isolated and all that, delegation after delegation of Europeans and others arriving, business delegations arriving in Tehran, working out deals, anticipating that when this process is over, the one we started year and a half ago, that sanctions will be lifted. They are ready to come out of the gate with billions of dollars of business, which will revive the Iranian economy. And at which point, even if Congress hangs on to sanctions, it’ll make no difference. In fact, it’ll be the worst of both worlds, because we’ll be cutting out — the Europeans will have suspended their sanctions. Iran’ll be progress economically and we will have given Iran an excuse not to honor the agreement. So, we’ll have no inspections, no control, and nothing, and that’s the strategy of the administration. Regardless of tradition or legality, if he goes to the Security Council, he has utterly defeated Congress and completely overstepped his own authority” he stated.

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