Buchanan: Hillary Knows to Handle Emails, She Investigated Watergate

Columnist Pat Buchanan took a shot at Hillary Clinton over her e-mail scandal remarking “she knows how to handle this one” because of her prior experience investigating Watergate on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

“She was on the Watergate Committee. She knows how to handle this one” he stated.

Earlier, he argued, “it’s a really bad thing for Hillary. Look, before people — when people think about the Clintons, she’s coming back. They think of the ‘90s were the good times and OK, you know, Bubba was in trouble and all the rest of it. We had — the unemployment was down. Now, this is bringing us, dragging us back into the Whitewater, and all the lies, and the mendacity, and the investigations. And I think it’s put a pall over her candidacy.  Now, I only think right now, it is not something that’s really caught fire in Middle America. But the potential here for further reaches of drawing this out are inexhaustible.”

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