Gutfeld: Media ‘Meltdown’ Is Proof Enough Bibi’s Win Is Good

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld said that he knew Benjamin Netanyahu’s victory was a good thing because the media is in “full Wicked Witch meltdown” over the results on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

“Bibi bounced back to win the election, and the media is in full Wicked Witch meltdown” Gutfeld stated.

He continued, “I go by one rule, if it upsets them, then it must be good. And by them I mean progressives, media hacks, campus activists, Sean Penn, Obama’s inner circle, if they hate the outcome, then the outcome rules. Because the thing with progs, the root of all evil is never evil, it’s always the well-armed good. They see mugging as just aggressive hugging. Which is why we can’t trust them talking nukes with Iran.”

Gutfeld concluded, “but, thankfully Bibi won, and sorry media, it was that speech that helped him win. Which is why Obama feared it in the first place…Bibi played us, and won big. Should we mind? No. That’s what friends are for.”

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