Sen King: Obama, Bibi Both Need to Take a Deep Breath, Step Back

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Sen. Angus King (I-ME) said both President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu need to now “dial it back a bit” and resume acting like allies.

King said, “When you step back and realize how complicated and dangerous the Middle East is, it’s a real shame that we’re spending so much time and energy arguing with our strongest ally in the region. I think everybody is going to take a little bit of a deep breath and step back. The other disturbing thing over the last two or three weeks, Israel seems to be embarking upon a policy that could lead to making Israel itself a partisan issue. I think that’s a grave mistake for Israel and we’ve just got to get — we’ve got to get beyond that.”

While King said he understood the White House had to react to Netanyahu’s comments about the two-state solution, he said, “I hope everybody can dial it back a bit because we’ve got some really serious problems with serious enemies in that region. We shouldn’t be spending so much time and energy arguing with our allies.”

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