Obama 2007: Media’s Glowing, Unquestioning Hype of Me Is Dangerous

On Jan. 15, 2007, in a interview with “Air Talk with Larry Mantle,” then-Sen. Barack Obama said the “hype” he was receiving  from the media, who was taking “things I say” and making them “automatic truth, despite the facts” was “dangerous.”

“The media has a particular way of slanting an issue,” Obama said, “I’m now benefiting from the hype machine, which means a lot of things I say suddenly become automatic truth, despite the facts. It’s something. Not only is it difficult to deal with as a politician, making sure what you’re actually saying or what you’re doing is what’s reported, but it also is dangerous when you are in the position I’m in right now, which is that you are getting a lot of glowing press. If you start believing your own hype, then you end up not doing a very good job.”

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