Buchanan: O’Malley ‘In An Excellent Position’

Columnist Pat Buchanan said that former Maryland Martin O’Malley has “a golden opportunity” and is “in an excellent position” on the campaign trail during Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

Although Buchanan stated that O’Malley isn’t a serious threat to Hillary Clinton, and would be “unless she drops a lot more in the polls than she has thus far,” he did say “O’Malley has a golden opportunity, there’s no denying it, John. If Hillary Clinton’s got problems with her emails, he ought to be out there in iowa and new hampshire and around the country answering all those folks who said, ‘who is he?’ And become the populist, liberal, progressive candidate who runs a good positive campaign, who’s solid on the issues, who does not attack Hillary and build himself up as long as he can until she gets in, or maybe somebody else gets in to eclipse him. And so i think that he’s in an excellent position.”

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