Schweizer: Clinton Financial Dealings ‘Unprecedented’

“Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer argued that the Clinton’s financial dealing with foreign individuals and governments are “unprecedented” on Tuesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Schweizer said that Bill Clinton’s defense of the foundation’s transparency is “laughable…and I don’t mean that out of disrespect. But it’s just laughable. It’s kind of an insult to the American people. For him to say that they disclosed all donors, they just put them on the wrong form, is simply not true. i mean, as I point out in the book and show, they got multiple donations that they never disclosed. One of them from the chairman of a Russian-owned uranium country, that they never disclosed. And we now know, it’s been confirmed by the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, 1,100 donors were never disclosed. And he kind of just laughs about it, and says it’s not a big deal. This is a direct violation of an agreement they signed with President Obama, that is in direct contradiction to testimony before the Foreign Relations Committee, and in direct dissension against what they told the American people, which was that they were going to disclose all donors and have complete transparency.”

He continued, “this is unprecedented by the way. I mean, as I point out in the book, we’re used to the whole issue of money and politics in America, but we’re used to that being an American game, you know, American corporations, American financiers. As I point out in the book, with this infrastructure they’ve set up, the Clinton Foundation and the speaking fees, which I would argue were more influence payments, they’ve set up an apparatus where now foreign governments, foreign financiers, and foreign businesses can send them millions of dollars or tens of millions of dollars, something they can’t do legally in normal campaigns, but they can do thanks to the way that the Clintons have set it up. And it is a very troubling pattern where she takes an issue on — a position on an issue, a large influx of cash comes, either as a speaking fee, or as a donation to the Clinton Foundation, and she appears to reverse course.”

Schweizer also discussed the Clintons’ dealings with Uranium One, stating, “you have nine individuals connected with this tiny uranium company that wants to be sold to the Russian government, which Hillary’s State Department signs off on, in addition to other government agencies. But, no other government agency had a head who had nine individuals connected to that company that sent a combined $145 million to the Clinton Foundation. I mean, that is a massive conflict of interest, it was never disclosed and it was never discussed.”

Schweizer concluded by talking about Bill Clinton saying that he will continue to give paid speeches in order to pay the Clintons’ bills. He said, “we know that their combined income between 2001 and 2012 was about $136 million. And they’ve continued to rack it up in the three years after that. So, I don’t know what bills he’s talking about paying, either they’ve got massive bills, or he’s expecting people to just gloss over this, when they shouldn’t.”

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