Coulter to ’16 GOP Candidates: ‘People Hate the Media, Use That to Your Advantage’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel, Ann Coulter, author of the forthcoming book “¡Adios, America!” reacted to the controversy involving ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and his ties to the Clinton Foundation, which some suggest may have influenced his coverage of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a candidate for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.

Coulter challenged the merits of the questioning in the past from mainstream media figures moderating these debates. But she also noted how in 2012, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, then a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, was able to use the public’s animosity toward media to his advantage and suggested GOP candidates apply that strategy as well.

“I say no mainstream media debates – none, none. Let the candidates ask their own questions, or they can submit some and the RNC will look through them and are flipping through, they see 17 questions on global warming,” Coulter said. “Voters don’t want to know about it — you watch the MSNBC coverage for this. Then MSNBC will get testy that the Republican primary voters in the audience are always laughing and booing the moderator.”

“And I’d add one other point on this,” she continued. “Even newt Gingrich, who in my opinion was often using his attacks on the media in a self-serving way — but it shows you how much the Republican primary audience, or Republican voters are dying for this. People hate the media, use that to your advantage, Republicans.”

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