Gutfeld: ‘Absurd’ ‘Fear Tactic’ for Rush to Say American Flag Will Be Attacked Next

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld argued that Rush Limbaugh’s claim that the American flag will be the next flag to come under assault from the left was an “absurd,” “fear tactic” akin to people on the left saying “They’re going to take away my birth control pills” on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

Earlier in the segment, Gutfeld said that while a lot people are legitimately made uncomfortable with the Confederate flag, there are “a lot of people who are preoccupied with shaming the past.” He added that while the left “foments division,” a Confederate flag “in a state setting” is “equally as divisive” and makes people “genuinely uncomfortable.”

Gutfeld continued that removing the flag won’t create unity because “it’s part of a constant outrage that will never be sated.” Although, he pointed out, “Maybe it’ll make some people happy, and maybe it’s the right thing to do.”

After hearing a clip of Rush Limbaugh arguing that “The next flag that will come under assault and it will not be long is the American flag,” Gutfeld responded, “to me, this is absurd. And I think this is where the left and the right often mirror each other. ‘They’re going to take our flags’ is like a leftist saying, ‘They’re going to take my birth control pills.’ It’s a fear tactic.” Gutfeld further stated that he believed Rush and others were seeing that there “seems to be a crusade against our common past” and incorrectly extrapolating attacks on the Confederate flag to the American flag.

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