Todd: Hillary Rope Line Keeping Distance from Press ‘Terrible’ Optics, ‘Backfired’

Sunday on NBC’s “Today,” host of  “Meet the Press” Chuck Todd said the rope line at a New Hampshire parade keeping the press away from Hillary Clinton, a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, was terrible optics.

“The optics look terrible,” Todd said. “I’m sympathetic to the campaign’s complaint that she has a large media group following her around, it makes it hard because of the media for her to interact with voters. I think there’s a fine line there. We as journalist, when you’re covering a candidate who is campaigning for the support of voters, we should be there to cover the candidate campaigning with voters, but I think how the Clinton campaign went about doing this seemed to, I think, backfire. This is sort of  — what is head scratching to me, they’ve done it for 25 years, how is is Clinton not used to this? How do they not have a better plan?”

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