Krauthammer: I’ve Wanted to Build a Fence Since 06

Columnist Charles Krauthammer declared that he’s been “since 2006” in favor of putting up a border fence or wall and that this is step one to stopping crime by released illegal immigrants on Monday’s “O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel.

Krauthammer was asked for his opinion on Kate’s Law, he said he wasn’t sure if it would “solve a huge problem,” and would only have “a major effect on the crime rate if it applied to anybody jumping the fence a second time,” but that this would “flood” the prison system. He did say that the law would “make sense” if it were limited to felons.

He then argued that the real problem is an insecure border, and that step one is border security, stating “I’ve been, since 2006, in favor of putting up a fence or a wall, the full length of the border.”

He concluded by pointing to other countries that have built fences and wondered why, if fences don’t work, there’s one around the White House.

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