Rand on Trump: ‘Hunger’ For People ‘Who Will Tell It Like It Is’

Kentucky Senator and Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul said the rise of fellow Republican candidate Donald Trump is due in part to the “hunger” for people “who will tell it like it is” and aren’t career politicians on Friday’s “Sean Hannity Show.”

Rand was asked about the rise of Donald Trump in the polls, he said, “I think there’s a hunger among people for — [candidates] who will tell it like it is. Someone who’s not a career politician. And it’s really a fact that’s also propelled us to do very in national polling, because, you know, I’m a physician, a career politician — is not what I am. But I’ve been a physician my whole career, and bring an outsider’s perspective, and also understand, now how horribly broken the system is, and why we need term limits, why we need rules that say they have to read the bills. But I think there is a hunger for somebody other than — many of the politicians just won’t ever say anything. They talk on both sides of every issue. And their success is really in standing for nothing. So, I think people are startled when they finally hear someone who actually has strong opinions. So, I think that’s part of it.”

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