Lanny Davis: Clinton’s Dropping Numbers and Criticism ‘Not Just the Right-Wing Conspiracy’

Former Clinton White House Counsel Lanny Davis commented on Hillary Clinton’s struggling favorability numbers and the “criticism” she’s faced, stating that “it’s not just the right-wing conspiracy” on Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Ed Show.”

Davis said, “Well, it’s certainly a worry that we see results about personal characteristics like trust. And I find that not surprising, consistent with the numbers in the last several months, where she’s been subject to a lot of criticism on a number of issues in the national media, it’s not just the right-wing conspiracy.”

He continued, “But on the key issues of qualities to be president, on strong leadership, on fighting back when she’s down, all of the polls show that she has strong leadership numbers. And in the general election, she’s still going to be very strong against, what will be, I think, a strong candidate, if it turns out to be Jeb Bush.”

(h/t Real Clear Politics)

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