Trump: Repeal Obamacare, Make Sure Healthcare Companies ‘Financially Strong’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said he would repeal Obamacare and replace it with a system that is totally free market except for the government making sure “those companies are financially strong” in an interview with CNN broadcast on Wednesday’s edition of “The Lead.”

Trump, after denouncing Obamacare, was asked if he still supported single-payer healthcare, “no, I think the answer is going to be we have to knock down the borders and let people compete, and then we do. Now, where I may be different than other people, I want to take care of everybody. You know, you have a group of people that aren’t able to take care of themselves.”

He continued, “We’re going to have some kind of deal with hospitals where they can get some help, when they’re sick, when they have no money, and they’re sick. And you know what, if a Republican or if a conservative, and I’m a very conservative person. But if a conservative doesn’t like the fact I have to — want to take care of somebody that, if they’re really sick, and they have no money. I want to help the person.”

Trump later elaborated that he would repeal Obamacare and his alternative would be, “plans that can be done by private companies. I have to be able to compete. I want to be able to compete, and go to a company in California, a company in Iowa, a company in New Hampshire, a company — and I’ll get a good price. The only way the government should really be involved, is they have to make sure those companies are financially strong, so that if they have catastrophic events, or if they make a miscalculation, they have plenty of money. Other than that, it’s private. You’ll get great plans, you’ll have great competition, everything else. Now, at the lower end, where people have no money, I want to try and help those people. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. But, I want and try and help those people so they also can — now, it’s not going to be like a good plan, it’s not going to be like the finest plan that somebody that’s made some money, or has a good living can do, but you’ve got to be able to help the people. Can you imagine you have no money, and you get sick, like somebody else, and you have no place to go? And you know what? If I lose votes over that, or if I don’t get a nomination over that, that’s just fine with me.”

He was then asked, “because it would be government assistance effectively?” Trump responded, “It has to — you have to help people.”

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