CNN’s Camerota: Planned Parenthood ‘Better Represented’ In Transcripts

On Wednesday, CNN’s “New Day” anchor Alisyn Camerota said Planned Parenthood seems “to be much better represented in the transcripts” of videos released by the Center for Medical Progress than they are in the videos themselves.

Co-anchor Chris Cuomo asked, “The risk of insensitivity, which has come out in these videos, and especially this fifth one, where you have someone saying, you know, it’s kind of fun. The regard, the word in that, the regard, for what’s being done to these fetuses. Is that something that should be given more credence by supporters of Planned Parenthood?”

CNN Political Commentator Errol Lewis responded, “I think supporters of Planned Parenthood should get ready for the uncomfortable reality that, it’s very possible that they will be stampeded into a position that is untenable and that really sort of makes a mockery of the facts, but accomplishes the political goal of the people who set this whole thing up. I mean, it — this, in some ways looks like a replay of what happened to ACORN, right? I mean, you can take what one person says, in one little unit, and then sort of blow it up into some kind of much larger sort of accusation, that the facts don’t actually support. And if that’s what the political reality is — I mean, I’ll give you an example, Chris. I would recommend, on the Center for Medical Progress, to their credit, they have published transcripts of two hour conversations. If you actually plow through the transcript, you get a different very sense than if you just watch a couple seconds of video. However, we all know, because we work in television, the video is going to be what people remember. The video is going to be what’s controlling. And it leaves Planned Parenthood in a terrible situation.”

Camerota then stated, “of course, Planned Parenthood says that…they can’t ensure that those transcripts are accurate. But, you’re right, they do seem to be much better represented in the transcripts than they are on the video.”

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