Brooks: Trump Has ‘Narcissistic Ideology,’ Supporters ‘Low-Information’

New York Times columnist David Brooks argued “Donald Trump’s voters are what they call low-information voters” and that Trump’s ideology “is a narcissistic ideology” on Friday’s “PBS NewsHour.”

Brooks stated that while Trump “livens the atmosphere,” “He doesn’t have an ideology. He doesn’t have a belief system. He has himself. And they went after him, the three excellent moderators. And he defended himself and…I think he did fine. Probably 70 percent of Republicans disapprove of him. A lot of the things he said were astonishingly inappropriate, that he wouldn’t support the Republican nominee. That’s kind of a big one. He likes single-payer health system. That’s the first Republican that sort of likes that. So, he’s outside of all the categories, but he is a lord of self-esteem. And his main message is society is filled with losers, and they happen to be running it, and society has some winners who are being ignored. And if you’re a winner like me, we got to get rid of those losers. And that’s an ideology that is not a political ideology. It is a narcissistic ideology. But I suspect the 20 percent who like him will continue to like him and like him even more. And so he will be hanging around there.”

Later, when asked about polling data, Brooks said, “There’s a super bad problem with the polls, which is they’re polling everybody. They’re not polling people who are actually going to vote. And Donald Trump’s voters are what they call low-information voters. They’re classically the kind of people who don’t vote in primaries. So, in some sense, his lead is completely — not completely, but largely artificial.”

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