Krauthammer: ‘The Government Is Going To Have to Seize the Servers’ of Hillary

UDPATE: CNN reported that “Hillary Clinton has instructed her attorney to hand over her private email server and a thumb drive of all her work-related emails to the Justice Department in an effort to blunt an expanding probe into the use of a private email account.”

Columnist Charles Krauthammer reacted to a report that two of Hillary Clinton’s emails were “top secret” by predicting ” at some point in the process…the government is going to have to seize the servers” on Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report.”

Krauthammer said, [relevant remarks begin around 3:40] “she is telling us that there was nothing that were in the destroyed thousands of emails that were destroyed as supposedly private. And she said it was about Chelsea’s wedding. It was about her yoga and stuff. She is swearing that there is nothing there that could be considered official business. Now, unless they are completely sure that the servers were wiped clean, that could be shown to be untrue. And I think at some point in the process, probably from the courts, not from the Congress, there’s — the government is going to have to seize the servers, what’s left of them. I assume they exist, but are cleaned, and check that. And I mean, everything is going to hinge on that. But on this issue today, I mean, it’s not only her trustworthiness. It’s the fact that nothing she says ever is true three weeks later. She says there was nothing classified, and I know how to do that, I know the process. And then it was revised to, nothing that at the time was classified. Well, now we’re learning, it is quite probable, that actually at the time it was, and she should have known it, even if she’ll claim obviously, that she didn’t. There’s always a movement, a parsing, a cutting of the edges with her husband and with herself. And that is the problem that dogs her and that she cannot escape.”

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