Huckabee: Fair Tax Is ‘Biggest Thing We Need To Do’ Economically

Republican presidential candidate and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee argued that on the economy “the biggest thing we need to do is pass the Fair Tax” on Monday’s “Varney & Co.” on the Fox Business Network.

Huckabee stated, “the biggest thing we need to do is pass the Fair Tax, Stu, because it transforms the economy in a number of ways, bringing somewhere between 11 and $21 trillion of capital back to the US, capital that’s parked offshore that is not helping us right now. It makes it easier for businesses to stay in business, so they’re making business decisions, not tax decisions. It takes away the burden of taxation to, not only the business owner, but also to the worker, who doesn’t have anything taken out of his check. These are fundamental things that would transform the economy and get us in a work-based related economic boom. ”

Huckabee, when asked how he would be able to make the conversation about the economy, said it would be if he got as much coverage as certain other candidates.

He added, “one of the reasons that the whole economic situation is stalled is because for the first time in American history, business owners are figuring out how to shrink their business, not how to grow their business, because everything tells them to shrink. Keep it under 30 hours a week, keep it under 50 employees. Obamacare is a anchor around the necks of a lot of business owners, and especially small business owners, Stuart, because it they don’t have the resources to hire accountants and lawyers to get them through the incredible shoals they have to navigate.”

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