Trump: Fox News ‘Treats Me Terribly’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said that the Fox News Channel covers and treats him “terribly” at press conference in Dubuque, Iowa on Tuesday.

Trump said, in response to a question on whether he thinks Fox’s coverage of him matters, “Look, I have a lot of respect for Roger [Ailes].” He added, “Look, I think they cover me terribly. Fox News, I think they cover me terribly, and I’m winning by double digits on every poll, so I don’t know. Maybe it matters, maybe it doesn’t. I don’t think I get good treatment by — from Fox. They certainly cover me a lot.” Although he added, “I’m being covered by everybody.”

After he was asked again if he looks Fox has influenced his standing in the polls, Trump responded, “I don’t know. I don’t think so, because I think they give me very bad treatment. I think Fox treats me terribly, and a lot of the people that like me think they treat me terribly, but I don’t think — why? Do you think I was asked nice, easy questions. The other guys are saying, ‘What are you going to do about jobs?’ Another one’s saying, ‘Do you love God?’ Another one says something else. I get these questions like, what’s going on here. and yet, I won in every single poll, of the debate, I won. I won from Drudge. I won in TIME Magazine. I won all the — everybody thought I won the debate, but I certainly had the worst questions, the most unfair questions, and you know, I like Fox. I like it. but no, I think they treat me very poorly.”

When asked about the strategy behind his Twitter feud with FNC anchor Megyn Kelly, he stated, “Because when people treat me unfairly, I don’t let them forget. And maybe we should have more of that in this country, and maybe the country wouldn’t be pushed around so much.”

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